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  • Fixtures
    Illuminate your home or business in style with our selection of decorative light fixtures. Whether you need fixtures indoors or outdoors, Monsterled lites your one-stop shop for decorative lighting. Our indoor fixtures include linear LED wraparound fixtures and close to ceiling lights that mount flush or semi-flush to ceilings in hallways, offices, and craft rooms where you need bright light that still fits the decor. Our outdoor decorative lighting includes sconces and lanterns to light up your front door and outdoor rated ceiling lights for breezeways. Also available are LED step lights and pendant fixtures. Cage pendants are a great way to add a vintage feel to kitchens, restaurants, or coffee shops. Need more assistance with finding the right decorative light fixture? Contact us to speak to our support staff.
  • Chandelier Bulbs
    Monster Led Lites offers a wide range of Chandeliers - Ceiling Lights & Bulbs. Shop Chandeliers LED Lights/Bulbs Online at Best Prices in Markham, Canada. Buy Now

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Benefits of LED Lights

LED light bulbs can save you money not only because they are roughly 80 percent more energy efficient than other bulbs, they also produce far less heat than metal halides, CFLs, and incandescent light bulbs. Upgrading to LED lighting means you won't spend your summer months cooling down rooms that your light bulbs are busy heating up. While originally a cooler blue tone than incandescent bulbs, LEDs now come in daylight and warm white color temperatures so you can more easily replace your existing bulbs without altering the color of your room. Visit our Lighting Guide to see what difference color temperature makes. LED lighting also offers a superior color rendering index (CRI), so you can see the colors of your artwork or makeup more accurately.

LED replacement bulbs are durable and ecologically friendly. Did you know you can recycle LED bulbs and reduce your carbon footprint up to one third? LEDs outlast the competition, staying bright for up to 11 years of continuous operation. This means less time climbing ladders trying to replace those hard to reach bulbs in vaulted ceilings.

LEDs are one of today's most promising technologies.

  • No mercury, making them a cleaner alternative to fluorescent and CFL lamps.
  • Life that is 20 times longer than some traditional lighting products.
  • The lowest energy consumption of any lighting product to date.
  • Light quality equal or superior to traditional lighting products.

Residential lights

The new technologies are just mind blowing with their unique features. The halogen lightning which were used in every house are now replaced by the residential lightning. This technology is energy saving and uses 90% less electricity. For installing these lights, no electrician is required as it as easy as changing a light bulb. It comes in different shapes and varieties for outdoor and indoor use.

  • Spotlights

It is an indoor application that uses low energy. It is best for using as it has a long life span than other lightings. It is available in low wattage and has a unique feature of low thermal resistance.

  • Pot lights

This is the hottest selling item these days. The stylish and fine slim panel design of this product makes it look classy in every residential area. These lights have replaced the traditional bulbs of 40-120 watts. The eco and premium options make it highly selective for its customers.

  • Light bulbs

It is another modification of the traditional bulbs and comes with varieties of series. You can choose any of your desired bulbs which include Par series, Bar series, A, G and T series.

  • Chandelier Bulbs

This energy saving lightning comprises of wide variety of bulbs. It offers a dimmable option with its fine manufacturing. It lasts up to more than 50,000 hours that brighten up your residential area.

  • Under cabinets

The quick and easy installation of these under cabinets lights save on energy cost. It is available with dimmable option.

  • Exterior lightning

The exterior lightning is used for outdoor purposes such as for security, pool, flood and many more. It is the long lasting technology that is available in dimmable feature.

Led Retrofit Bulbs Residential

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