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Wall Packs

Designed with durable features such as shatter-resistant glass to protect each fixture from bad weather,Wall packs are an excellent solution for security lighting and parking lots. offers a wide selection of wall pack lighting including metal halide, high-pressure sodium, and LED wall packs. Wall packs can be paired with photocells and motion detectors for extra security and energy savings.

LED Area Lighting

Led Panel Lighting are energy-saving, architectural flood lamps used for street, park, and other outdoor lighting. Outlasting their metal halide (MH) equivalents, LED area lights provide a consistent color light ; the higher Kelvin fixtures continue to put out a bright white light instead of turning yellow with time. LED retrofit kits and surge protectors are also available.

Ceiling LED Panel Lights

Designed for easy installation by one person, ceiling LED panel lights come in multiple size and color temperature options. We also carry LED panels with tunable color temperatures that allow you to set different Kelvin temperatures to fit your needs. Many of these panels are DLC certified and may qualify for rebates.


Fluorescent and LED troffers come in 1x4, 2x4, and 2x2 sizes. Ideal for schools, hospitals and commercial office spaces, these fixtures provide clean, even illumination. also offers LED ready fixtures that allow you to select the LED tubes of your choice, retrofit kits, and emergency backup kits.

High Bay and Low Bay Fixtures

With round and linear options, high bay and low bay fixtures are for warehouses, gymnasiums, factories, and other commercial applications. Choose between LED, linear fluorescent, and LED ready fixtures.

High and Low Bay LED Retrofit Lamps

Want the benefits of LED lighting without needing to replace your fixtures? Use high and low bay LED retrofit lamps to lower your maintenance costs and downtime. Requiring less maintenance than traditional fixtures, you can increase productivity. If you suffer from occasional power disruptions, these retrofits lights turn on at instant brightness, getting your team back on the job more quickly.

LED Wraparound

Surface mount wraparound fixtures deliver an all-around light. Suitable for utility lighting in parking garages, stairwells, and other locations, these fixtures come in LED, fluorescent, and LED ready versions.

LED Downlights

Often referred to as "can lights", LED downlights replace existing downlight fixtures in ceilings. We carry a wide selection of LED downlights in assorted sizes, IC and non-IC rated downlights, and accessories. IC rated downlights can be installed with insulation touching the outside of the fixture, while non-IC rated must be installed with a 3 inch space between the metal housing and any insulation.

LED Flood Lights

Use LED flood lights around your home or business to provide additional security or highlight your landscaping. Our flood lights include flood fixtures ideal for wall washing or grazing, security lights with motions sensors, and LED bulbs in BR and PAR shapes.

Commercial LED Flood Lights

Provide additional security lighting for parking lots, businesses, and sports arenas with commercial LED flood lights. Designed for hard wire installation, commercial LED flood lights are suitable for various mounting options and can be paired with photocells, timers, and motion sensors.

Commerical Lighting

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